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Instant Football Accumulator Betting Profit.

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The Accumulator Video System is all you will need to start winning and generating consistent profit Betting On Over 2.5 Goals & 1st Accumulator Goal Bets .  You will get to view the video system for 90 days which is more than enough time to learn the basic selection method as the system is so simple you will understand after watching the video just once

These No Catch anyone who has ever placed a football bet will instantly understand the system after watching the video, it’s fool proof! We simply teach you how to use statistic websites to find selections.

The video system is so easy you will learnt he method after just one watch even if you are a beginner to football betting just starting out your betting journey.  This is not a complicated system the system is very basic we will allow you to Use Statistic Websites Find Selections and generate the same and numerous more selections given in the Free/ Premium Telegram Channel.

All you need to run the system is a phone or computer and the ability to place a bet, the system requires Zero Knowledge Of Football to start making consistent profit.

Yes.  The video system shows you how to pick selections on 3d party paying statistic websites so you will need to subscribe to these sites to use the system which costs less than £20 per month.  You may also use free statistic sites but we advise using the 3rd party websites given in the video system.

No physical download required once you purchase the video system you may view online at any point for a minimum of 90 days.  Once you have purchased the video system you will be emailed your login details within 24 hours.

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How To Use The System?

The 13.44 minute video system will teach you how to easily pick Over Goal selections before matches start.

No Software Required

This very basic selection method is very easy to learn, no software or telegram needed, you simply check matches on stat websites.

How Many Selections?

The video system will teach you how to pick numerous selections with most matches on weekends.

Advised Staking Plan?

Stake between 2%-2% per, this means if you have a £100 bankroll you may stake £2 per accumulator bet.

Legal Terms

All customers accept the terms outlined and agree that we may change these terms if deemed necessary which forms the basis of a legally binding contract.

We operate a no refund policy due to all sales deemed a digital product.
All videos are non downloadable but may be viewed for 90 Days after purchase.
You accept that you will not have a physical version of the video system but will be able to view online for 90 days after purchase.
All videos are hosted on a 3rd party platform and while site outrages are rare we will not be responsible for any server outrages which result in the inability to view videos for a short time.
You accept that you’re 100% responsible for winning or losing money when placing bets and we’re in no lay liable for any financial loses incurred.
Purchasing the Accumulator Video System on this website does not entitle you to betting predictions/signals or other services offered by us or our partner companies/websites.
The Accumulator Video System consists solely of the 13.44 minute video.
You accept that we may change/update these terms at any time without notice or prior warning.

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