The only way to make consistent profit and beat the bookies is Betting On 2nd Half Goals.  The Over Goal Football Betting System makes profit betting using a Premium League List with ZERO knowledge of football required to make money…  The risk of every bet is relatively low as we only need one goal to be scored in each match. ***Premium Telegram Signals NOT Included***


Click to purchase ONLY the Premium League List without the Trading Videos for £100.


Click to purchase the Premium League List and 2 Football Trading Videos for £165.

Premium League List

The Premium League List currently contains 53 leagues which can be used to pick Over 0.5 Goal winners during the 2nd half interval. The Premium League List will give you a set time to be at the screen and will help filter out poor quality matches increasing your strike rate and is a MUST for those wishing to win consistently. Premium League List Buyers are also added to a the mailing list for 12 months access with free league updates.

Trading Video System

The Trading Videos will teach you how to quickly and easily use the Premium League List and pick winning selections as Single using the Over Goal Market.  This system works with ALL MAJOR BOOKMAKERS so you numerous selections over the course of a week using bookmakers such as the Betfair Exchange and Bet365.   GET STARTED WITHIN 11 MINUTES after watching the main trading video with ZERO FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE these also a BONUS RESEARCH VIDEO you may view to expand your knowledge.

What Are The Football Trading Videos?

The Football Trading System is taught via THE MAIN 11 MINUTE VIDEO so these no software to download or text to read. You simply follow the clearly explained examples within the video to learn how to use the system to start making money. The Betting System works at a high level when used with the Premium League List. These two videos which will allow you to easily win the same bets we give IN THE PREMIUM TELEGRAM CHANNEL.

How To Use The Premium League List?

It could not be easier simply use the Premium League List to find when Premium League Matches are being played and check the score during the half time interval. You bet for One More Goal To Be Scored once odds increase to Odds 1.50 & 2.00 as single bets on each selection. You may also place selections together as Inplay Multi Bets once odds reach 2.00. The Premium League List is the most cutting edge data available which combines quality, strike rate and value.

Learn The Basics Within 11 Minutes!!!

This is not an estimate but the length of time it will take to watch THE MAIN VIDEO which has been created to be QUICK & EASY TO LEARN.

are little more than a BONUS to expand your knowledge further for those with an interest in MAKING EVEN MORE MONEY!!!

What Will The Video System Allow You To Do?

Once you purchase the Football System you will be sent a link within 24 hours which will then allow you exclusive access to all system videos.
WARNING: You MUST have access to a bookie that allows betting on the Live Inplay Over Goal Market or you will not be able to use the System so check first as NO REFUNDS.

Legal Agreement Of Purchase

All customers accept the terms outlined and agree that we may change these terms if deemed necessary which forms the basis of a legally binding contract.

We operate a no refund policy due to all sales deemed a digital product.
The Premium League List Costs £100 and does NOT including any videos ONLY Video System buyers receive the Premium League List and Videos Costing £165.
All videos are non downloadable but may be viewed for 6 months after purchase.
You accept that you will not have a physical version of the video system but will be able to view online for a 6 months after purchase.
All videos are hosted on a 3rd party platform and while site outrages are rare we will not be responsible for any server outrages which result in the inability to view videos for a short time.
You accept that you're 100% responsible for winning or losing money when placing bets and we're in no lay liable for any financial loses incurred.
Purchasing the 2nd Half Goal System on this website does not entitle you to betting predictions or other services offered by us or our partner companies/websites.
The 2nd Half Goal System consist solely of the 11.48 minute main video with any further 2nd half goal videos Free Bonus Content.
You accept that we may change/update these terms at any time without prior warning or notice.