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This football betting system is taught via THE EASY TO FOLLOW VIDEO so these no software to download or text to read. You simply follow the easy examples within the video and learn how to use the system so you can start making money instantly! The system is as simple as it gets, you will be betting as soon as you watch the video... It really is easy to create and win the same bets given within the FREE ON THE TELEGRAM CHANNEL. We will teach you the full system and have you winning within 12 MINUTES as we have been working on betting systems for 4 years so have cut out all the long winded content so even a monkey can watch the video and fully understand the system.


The only way to make consistent profit and beat the bookies is Betting On Single Selections with an edge. The Bet Formula Football Video System makes profit betting on the Both Teams To Score Market with ZERO knowledge of football required... Purchase the system and start beating the bookies today.... It's time to beat the bookies with this video system!!!


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✅Learn To Pick Pre Match Selections
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✅No Researching Of Selections Needed
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This video system will teach you how to easily pick winning selections using the Both Teams To Score using a very basic easy to follow method that even a first time bettor can learn.

The two very basic variables are all you will need to place Pre Match Bets between odds 1.50-2.20 with MOST MAJOR BOOKMAKERS. We have perfected these 2 variables which will allow you to Win Betting On 100% Random Selections without knowledge or research.

While the system teach how to quickly and easily pick Both Teams To Score Selections the video system will change the way you look at choosing selections.  You will gain a first class knowledge that will benefit every aspect of your betting.

While we give FREE TELEGRAM SELECTIONS the video system will allow you to place many more bets as the telegram only send out a small amount of the daily available selections.

All you need to run the system is a computer or phone and the ability to place a bet as the system requires ZERO KNOWLEDGE OF FOOTBALL.

Yes simply sign up to the FREE TELEGRAM CHANNEL as we often upload Free System Single Bets.  We only upload a very small amount of daily bets available to the free telegram channel.  Those who purchase a the video system will make far more money than those follow the free telegram channel. 

All customers accept the terms outlined and agree that we may change these terms if deemed necessary which forms the basis of a legally binding contract.

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While site outrages are rare we will not be responsible for any server outrages which result in the inability to view videos for a short period.
You accept that you’re 100% responsible for winning or losing money when placing bets and we’re in no way liable for any financial loses incurred.
All videos are rented separately on this website and buying one video does not entitle to betting predictions or other videos/services/systems offered by us or our partner companies/websites.
The BTTS & Over 2.5 Goal System consists solely of the over goal corner video and no other videos are included with the purchase.
You accept that we may change/update these terms at any time without prior warning or notice.

What Happens Once You Buy The Video?

Once you purchase the system you will be sent a link within 24 hours which will then allow you exclusive access to the video system

WARNING: No downloads are allowed as videos are viewable online for a minimum of 3 months 24/7.

Bet Formula Football Betting Systems...

Sports Betting has been around for many years yet no company or service has honestly been able to make the general public consistent profit, so why not try something different? The only way to beat the bookies is to have an edge that gives value with every single bet placed. The Bet Formula Football System will teach you how to make consistent monthly profit in a stable, quickly and easily.



We aim to make as many people as much money as possible and help motivate you all to stay on track.  This is a genuine opportunity to get involved in something special fueled by a genuine passion.

“Generate a 2nd income with zero knowledge of football or sports betting required.  Purchase the video system and start making money today…