Once you purchase the Over 1.5/2.5 Goal System you will be sent a link within 24 hours which will then allow you access to this video system.
Signals and other video systems are sold separately and not included with this purchase.
***No downloads allowed but the video is viewable for a minimum of 3 months after purchase***

How To Use The System?

Over 1.5 Match Goal Multi Bets (Bet Odds 2.00)
Over 1.5 Match Goal Singles (Bet Odds 1.50 & 2.00)
Over 2.5 Match Goal Singles (Bet Pre Match)
Tracking the Free Telegram Results will allow you to see what method has the best strike rate.

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Building A Team List

Once you have watched the System Video you may want to watch this FREE Video.

It will discuss how you can start building a team list that will help you pick selections using the Video System and expand your betting knowledge.

Building a list is a progress but can be great when looking to cut down and filter the number of selections used when it's a busy day of football.

We wish you all the best on your journey to become a professional football bettor.