The Over 1.5 Goal & Over 2.5 Goal services are sold separately so simply choose which subscription you require and sign up for a weekly or monthly subscription.


Once you subscribe you will be emailed access to the Premium Telegram Channel that you subscribed to where all the predictions  uploaded within 24 hours of payment being received.

All selections will be uploaded at two set times before kick off’s at 10.30pm and 1.30pm (UK time),  allowing plenty of time to place bets.  All selections are available on the Betfair and most mainstream bookmakers. 

Simply make a weekly or monthly purchase and your Telegram link will be emailed to you allowing you access to the service you have subscribed to.

Over 1.5 Goal Multi Bets a minimum of 20+ per month at odds 1.90-2.40 (Multi bets consist of 3-5 Over 1.5 Goal Selections) .

Over 2.5 Goal Singles a minimum of 20+ per month at varies odds (Selections may also be used as double bets)

WARNING:  The Over 1.5 & 2.5 goal subscriptions are sold separate so make sure to subscribe to the service you require.

Yes,  these are the best selections ever provided by a service within the football betting field.  While we can’t promise you will win every bet fortnightly or monthly profit is highly likely.

We advise you stake as high as 2.5%-5% per bet,  this means if you have a £100 bankroll you may stake £2.50-£5 per bet.

(Once you have signed up you will be emailed the private Telegram link)


As a Bet Formula subscriber you’re expected to behave like a mature adult and take full responsibility for any financial loses or stress caused when following betting predictions.  You agree to only bet with money that you can avoid to lose and accept that losing some or all of the money you bet with when betting on predictions is real possibility due to the risky nature of gambling.

We expect you to stay in control and think long term,  judging profits on fortnightly and monthly results while also controlling your bankroll responsible.  It is not acceptable to over stake and blow your bankroll on any even week if a downside should occur.

It is not acceptable to email Bet Formula or comment on social media after a losing bet, day or week in a negative manner simply because you can’t handle the stress of professional sports betting.  While we fully understand that betting on occasions is extremely stressful we expect subscribers to behave like mature adults and keep their personal stress and emotions to themselves.  

Bet Formula only supplies predictions and so is neither punch bags or life coaches that you have a right to rant or complain to,  if this was the case the fee would be far higher.  If you’re experiencing these kind of emotions we suggest you seek help with your gambling.

You’re not permitted to email Bet Formula or comment on social media in an attempt to advise us of how we should run our service or what we should or should not do,  this includes but is not limited to predictions, systems, strategies or pricing.   We have forgotten more than most sports bettors will ever learn,  just because we do things a certain way doesn’t mean that it’s the limit of our knowledge. 

This code of conduct allows us to provide the best service possible,  all to often when these a losing day certain subscribers feel the need to create further stress and pressure which has an adverse effort on the service.  We advise those who have issues with the Bet Formula service to simple unsubscribe and move on to a new service or pick their own selections.

Most subscribers are mature adults who can handle losing days,  who life their lives by this code of conduct,  we only state the code of conduct in advance to deter the few immature bad apples from subscribing and is in no way a reflection on the vast majority of decent, mature subscribers.

If you’re struggle with your emotions or facing financial hardship due to gambling we advice that you visit the following websites for help address any issues that you may have with gambling.

Yes simply sign up to the FREE TELEGRAM CHANNEL as we often upload Free Premium Multi Bets.  We only upload a very small amount of daily bets available to the free telegram channel but premium subscribers receive all multi bets.  Those who purchase a premium subscription will make far more money than those follow the free telegram channel. 

We make no promises of future results and will not under any circumstances refund subscription fees and we reserve the right to make changes to these terms at any time without prior notice.