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Make Money 2nd Half Goal Betting.

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How To Use Signals?

Bet on matches for 1 More Goal to be scored live/inplay betting twice once odds reach between 1.25 & 1.50.

Place Multi/Parlay Bets?

Bet on signals straight away using 2-3 selections together to create a multi/parlay at odds 1.50-2.00+

How Many Daily Signals?

These no number but expect a minimum of 50+ per week. Most signals are sent weekday evenings & weekends.

Advised Staking Plan?

Stake between 3%-6% per match this means if you have a £100 bankroll you may stake £3.00-£6.00 at Odds 1.25 & 1.50.

2nd Half Goal Betting

Would you like to make a 2nd income from football betting and become a profitable sports trader? Zero knowledge of football betting is required simply follow our signals and start making money with little time or effort.

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