Start making money from betting with the best professional football betting system which will teach you how to select winning Pre Match Over 1.5/1st Half Goal Multi Bets with all selections also available for 2nd Half Over 0.5 Goal Inplay Trading costing only £155.

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✅Learn To Pick Over 1.5 Goal Market Selections
✅Learn to Pick 1st Half Goal Market Selections
✅Use Selections Pre Match Or Trade Inplay
✅No Researching Of Selections Needed
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This 10.35 minute video system will teach you how to easily pick winning selections using the Over 1.5 Goal & Over 0.5 1st Half Goal Markets using two easy to follow variables.  The system is suitable for beginners as it’s very easy to follow that even a monkey can start winning after viewing the video just once. 

All selections can also be used to bet on inplay Over 0.5 Goals if the 1st half ends 0-0 due to the high strike rate and low probability of a match ending without a goal.  Simply choose pre match selections and bet during the half time interval if the score is 0-0 as singles or multi bets.

The two very basic variables are all you will need to place Multi Bets (3-5 selections combined per bet) with ALL BOOKMAKERS.  We have perfected these 2 variables which will allow you to Win Betting On 100% Random Selections without any knowledge or research needed.

The system users all leagues which means these available bets nearly every day of year,  these NO OFF SEASON.  This video system works with worldwide international football and doesn’t rely on top level European football matches unlike a lot of other trading methods.

While we give FREE TELEGRAM BETS the video system will allow you how to place many more daily bets,  the telegram only shows a small number of the daily available selections.

All you need to run the system is a computer or phone and the ability to place a bet as the system requires ZERO KNOWLEDGE OF FOOTBALL.

***This purchase only includes the Goal Video System and NOT any other system videos or betting tips***

Yes simply sign up to the FREE TELEGRAM CHANNEL as we often upload Free Premium Multi Bets.  We only upload a very small amount of daily bets available to the free telegram channel but premium subscribers receive all multi bets.  Those who purchase a premium subscription or video system will make far more money than those following the free telegram channel. 

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While site outrages are rare we will not be responsible for any server outrages which result in the inability to view videos for a short period.
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All videos are rented separately on this website and buying one video does not entitle to betting predictions or other videos/services/systems offered by us or our partner companies/websites.
The Goal System consists solely of the 10.35 minute long Goal System Video and no other videos or services are included with the purchase.
You accept that we may change/update these terms at any time without prior warning or notice.


Bet Formula has created a Professional Football Betting System which allows beginners to easily pick winning over goal selections. The Goal Betting System is taught via the Easy To Follow System Video so these no software to download or text to read. Simply follow the easy example within the short video to learn how to use the system and you will Start Making Money!



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