“Bet Formula operates at a far higher level than any other service open to the general public.  We provide an premium level inplay and pre match service and invite you to join the beginning of the journey…”

Have you ever noticed that NO betting service, course provider or tipster shows full account activity?

At best it's only snippets and even then these NO evidence that the profit shown can 100% be replicated.

If staking a small amount such as £1-£10 per bet these surely NO valid excuse such as accounts being limited.

Why would a winning service not do everything in it's power to demonstrate genuine results?

Bet Formula aims to be the first service that provides the public trackable evidence of pre match football profit.

One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter,  that’s up to you to decide.  But we aim to record all results accurately and the pre match multi bets are recorded within betting accounts.

No.  If you use any of the services at Bet Formula we advise you only bet with money you can afford to lose.  While we believe the system used to create both inplay and pre match selections is the best ever created,  losing runs are ALWAYS possible.

Privacy and time is important which means we will never respond to emails of a personal nature.  We never give free trials and have no interest in become an affiliate.  All such emails will be deemed as SPAM we ask you to please respect this code of conduct.